Energy Assessments
What does an energy audit cost and include?

What is an energy assessment?

We use the term "energy assessment" but it’s really about finding ways to make your home comfortable, healthy, safe and energy efficient. It’s also a fun, educational experience that surprises homeowners by exposing misconceptions about energy use.

What does it cost?

Assessment prices depend upon where they are performed and the services included. The amount of testing and reporting included will depend upon whether you qualify for incentives and the requirements of that incentive program. See the Search for Incentives form in the right sidebar find out which incentives you are eligible for.

What does an assessment include?

This will vary depending upon program requirements for incentives. The following is an outline for a typical premium assessment which takes from 5-8 hours to complete.

The appointment begins with discussing your comfort and energy concerns, sharing information about your home, and learning a little building science so you will understand how improvements are identified and prioritized.

After that, if you can accompany the energy auditor throughout the day, you will likely find it fascinating. Otherwise, the auditor can complete the assessment without you and review your energy report and recommendations at the end of the appointment.

The first test performed is a blower door test which measures how leaky your home is. This measurement plus the size of your home is used to determine how it compares with other homes and how much room there is for air sealing improvements.

During this test, a walk-through is performed with an infrared camera to identify air leakage locations. If accessible, the sources of these leaks will be investigated and photographed for documentation.

Next, a series of other tests are performed including:

  • Measuring flow rates of exhaust fans
  • Testing combustion equipment for backdraft,
    flue draft and proper flame condition
  • Tracing natural gas lines with a leak detector

Exterior surface areas of your home are measured and inspected for insulation and air leakage. Surface area layers, characteristics and recommendations are recorded. Observed fire hazards, moisture damage, and air quality risks are documented.

Data from inspections, measurements and tests are entered in a computer program which models your current energy use and your projected use with recommended improvements. Pricing is calculated for recommendations and entered into the software which determines improvement paybacks and incentive amounts.

Once all data has been entered, the software produces your Home Energy Report which is printed on a mobile printer. Finally, your energy assessor will sit down with you at your kitchen table to present your report and schedule any recommendations you want installed.

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