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Temperature stratification

Is your basement too cold in the winter or your second story warmer than your first? Temperature stratification is a sign that you may have an air leakage problem.

We can stop excessive stratification and make temperatures more consistent. For more information, learn about the "stack effect" on our air sealing page.

Rooms that get too hot/cold

Some rooms are difficult to keep comfortable because they have under insulated walls or ceilings. However, sometimes the problem is due to less obvious issues such as cantilevered floors, hidden chases, ceiling soffits, or leaky recessed lights.

Cold air drafts

Some rooms are particularly drafty. It can be caused by outdoor air leaking in, indoor air leaking out, indoor air convecting on a cold surface, or less obvious issues. We have the experience and equipment to diagnose and fix air draft problems.

Dry skin & cracked lips

If your home is so dry in the winter that you need to run a humidifier to be comfortable, then you probably have an air leakage problem.

A lot moisture can be created in a home between showering, bathing, cooking, washing, cleaning, respiration and perspiration. However, in the winter much of this moisture can be lost as warm interior air rises and leaks into attics.

Before you plug in that humidifier, speak to a home performance expert first.

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