Condensation, Ice Dams & Fire Safety
We solve home maintenance & durability problems

Many home performance improvements have the added benefit of reducing maintenance and preventing durability problems. These problems include:

Condensation damage

Many home have problems with condensation on windows. However, condensation can also form on basement walls, sill boxes and poorly insulated exterior ceilings and walls.

Condensation occurs on Surface that are colder than the dew point temperature. Cold surfaces are often the hidden culprit behind the following types of moisture damage:

  • Mold on windows
  • Mold in bathroom
  • Mold in attic
  • Mold in basement
  • Dry rot
  • Cracked plaster
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Peeling paint/wallpaper

Condensation can often be reduced by installing a properly-vented range hood and bath fans, adding insulation, and air sealing to keep moist indoor air out of cold attics.

Ice dams & icicles

Large icicles or an ice dam can cause structural damage to roofs and gutters. They are caused when heat gets into attics and melts snow on the roof which runs down and refreezes on cold overhangs or as it drips off the roof.

De-icing cables or roof heat tape is often used to prevent ice damage, but they are difficult to install, expensive to use, and do not address the underlying problems.

We reduce ice damage by sealing all air leaks into the attic, adding attic insulation, and improving attic ventilation especially along the eaves.

Fire safety

Do you have non-IC rated recessed lights or a chimney or flue that rises through your house attic? If so, the insulation is probably in direct contact these items.

This is against building code and could cause a fire. Before we ever add insulation to attics we install fire resistant covers over non-IC lights and flash and dam around chimneys and flues with sheet metal and high temp sealant.

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