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And be a climate superhero

Climate Superhero

Join our crew of home performance superheroes!

You'll be a hero to homeowners by lowering their energy bills and improving comfort. Perhaps more importantly, your work will reduce carbon emissions and play a vital role rescuing our planet from the growing damage caused by climate change.

Home performance assistant

Assistants learn home performance techniques under the supervision of a home performance technician and/or crew chief. An experienced assistant that demonstrates proficiency in home performance techniques and can complete assignments with little supervision may advance to home performance technician.

Home performance technician

Technicians are proficient in residential construction practices and can complete home performance assignments with little to no supervision. An experienced technician that demonstrates successful leadership of home performance assistants may advance to crew chief.

Home performance crew chief

Crew chiefs are proficient in home performance techniques and are responsible for successful completion of home performance projects. Crew chiefs train, supervise and work alongside home performance technicians and assistants.

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