A Healthy Home
Live in a healthy a environment

Living happy, healthy and productive lives requires living in a healthy environment. Your home performance project can help by addressing the following issues:

Air quality

Projects usually include air sealing work in order to improve comfort and save energy. However, indoor air pollutants can become more concentrated in tighter homes. Therefore, projects often include improvements to make sure pollutants are reduced and homes are properly ventilated.

Common indoor pollutants include:

  • Carbon monoxide - from gas stoves and backdrafting space and water heaters
  • Fumes - from paint, stain, cleaning products, solvents and fuel
  • Formaldehyde - from carpeting, cabinets, furniture and building products
  • Soil gases - including radon, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Odors - from toilets, waste baskets, dirty clothes, pet urine/feces, food, and grease
  • Smoke - from cigarettes or burning wood
  • Spores - from mold, bacteria, fungus and plants
  • Dander - from pets dogs, cats, rodents, and birds
  • Other particulates - including dryer lint, dust, pollen and asbestos fibers

Indoor pests

Pests may carry diseases, bite, sting, shed and drop feces. In their quest for food, warmth and shelter they find their way into our attics, basements, and kitchens. Home performance improvements that seal the entry points and control moisture will reduce infestation from the following pests:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Bats
  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Asian beetles (lady bugs)
  • Roaches


Noise from cars, trains, planes, factories or noisy neighbors can cause stress and disturb sleep. Insulating and air sealing homes can help keep outdoor noise where it belongs.

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