Home Performance Technician
A.K.A. Climate Superhero

Position description

A home performance technician makes improvements to clients’ homes that save energy, reduce emissions and improve comfort. Technicians are proficient in residential construction practices and can complete home performance assignments with little supervision. Experienced technicians that demonstrate successful leadership of home performance assistants may advance to crew chief.

Ideal applicant

  • Wants to do work that is meaningful
  • Is concerned about climate change
  • Is friendly, honest and neat
  • Has construction knowledge and experience
  • Pays attention to detail and takes pride in their work
  • Can complete assignments with little to no supervision

Minimum requirements

  • Home Performance Technicians MUST have at least one year of prior construction experience
  • Must be able to fit through a 12"x16" attic hatch and be agile enough to work safely and efficiently in unfloored attics
  • Must be able to work safely on ladders and staging up to twenty feet off the ground
  • Must wear a respirator for some work and keep face clean shaven around respirator seal

General responsibilities

  • Follow company policies
  • Record your work on the project punchlist each day
  • Keep your timesheets accurate and updated daily
  • Submit your timesheet at the end of each project and week

Home performance duties

  • Install attic ventilation including rafter, gable, soffit, ridge and roof vents
  • Install bath fans and range hoods
  • Vent exhaust fans through roofs and walls
  • Seal attic chases, top plates, soffits, bypasses and penetrations
  • Flash and dam around chimneys and flue pipes
  • Install and weatherize attic hatches
  • Blow insulation in attics (temperature permitting)
  • Remove and reinstall various types of siding materials including vinyl, wood, metal and pressboard
  • Dense-pack insulation into wall and floor cavities
  • Insulate foundations from interior and/or exterior


Work will be on homes located within an hour drive from Appleton.


Up to 40 hours per week. There will be days or weeks when weather interferes with scheduling or home performance work is not scheduled. When home performance work is not available, technician may be scheduled to work on small construction jobs or attend trainings, assist with energy assessments, help with office work or distribute marketing materials.


Compensation is commensurate with experience and follows a two tier structure that includes

  • A standard rate for home performance work performed on clients' property
  • A base rate for all other labor such as travel, training and non-billable work
  • Quarterly raises on both standard and base rates for meeting performance goals
  • Time and a half for any work over 40 hours/week

How to apply

Fill out an application and mail to GreenStar Home Performance, 4321 W. College Avenue, Suite 200, Appleton, WI 54914, email to info@greenstarwi.com, or fax to 920-243-0244.

Know someone that might be interested? Download a Home Performance Technician Job Description and spread the word.

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