Whole House Solutions
A package of home performance improvements

Not an insulation contractor

While we offer insulation services, GreenStar is a true home performance company, not simply an insulation contractor.

We work with clients that understand that simply blowing more insulation in their attic is not a smart way to achieve their comfort or efficiency goals and may actually create a host of new problems.

Do no harm

Problems become more difficult to correct when an attic is insulated before air leaks are sealed, attic ventilation is installed or fire hazards are addressed.

Moisture damage, odor build-up and carbon monoxide poisoning can occur if air sealing is done before insufficient exhaust ventilation is corrected or backdrafting combustion appliances are fixed or replaced.

The smart approach

We understand that a house is a complex system of interconnecting parts that should not be tinkered with willy nilly.

We follow a step by step approach to solving performance issues that begins with inspection and measurement of insulation AS WELL AS air leakage, ventilation and combustion safety. Then, we put together a package of improvements designed to work together to solve our client's problems while ensuring new ones are not created.

Real results

Unlike some of the misleading window commercials you may have seen, we are not going to promise that you will save 50% on your energy bills.

However, we can promise that the estimated savings calculated as part of an premium energy assessment will be based on building science not sales hype.

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