What We Do
What's in a whole house solution?

Whole house solutions

We analyse homes and put together packages of improvements that work together to solve problems without creating new ones.

Energy assessments

If you qualify for Home Performance with Energy Star incentives, you'll need an energy assessment performed to receive them.


Before making a home more airtight, we make sure bath fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers are installed correctly and working properly. We also determine how well your attic is ventilated and install additional vents where necessary and practical.

Air sealing

Before insulating a home, we make sure to seal air leaks into attics to stop the stack effect, reduce energy loss, and make your home more comfortable.


We have insulation solutions for every building surface including attics, exterior walls, band joists, sill boxes, floor overhangs, foundations and basement slabs.

Combustion equipment

We test furnaces, boilers, and water heaters for safe and efficient operation.

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